West Dorset school children attempt to bake their way to Buckingham Palace!

Year 5 students at Thorners School in Litton Cheney have taken part in an initiative which could see them winning an exclusive trip to Buckingham Palace in September.

The children were involved with the creation of a spectacular birthday cake in honour of Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday and was unveiled at a party at the school on June 10th.

The cake was created in conjunction with local cheesemakers, Ford Farm, to give it a unique ‘cheese’ based theme and flavour.

Ford Farm’s Creative Consultant, Tanys Pullin helped the children to craft a genuine spectacle worthy of winning the coveted trip to Buckingham Palace.

The cake comprised several tiers of Ford Farm cheese including a giant ‘Coastal’ Cheddar base which was hand-pressed by the children.  A cave aged cheddar layer was transported to the Wookey Hole Caves for maturing by the children.  One layer, a fruit cake was baked and iced by the children in school.  Each of the cheese layers were dipped in red and blue wax and together with the white iced fruit cake, came together to produce a traditional British red, white and blue theme.   The cake was also decorated with red, white and blue flowers fashioned from wax by the children.

Jyotsna Chaffey, Headteacher at Thorners School commented:

‘The purpose of the initiative, which has been set by the organisers of ‘British Food Fortnight’, is to teach children that there are alternatives to sugar in cake-making.  It also encourages the use, wherever possible, of locally sourced ingredients.

Ford Farm couldn’t be more local and the partnership has enabled our school children to fulfil both of these criteria so we really believe we could be on our way to the Palace!’

The photos of the top five winning cakes will be made into a montage and presented to Her Majesty, The Queen as a birthday souvenir.