Challenge your tastebuds

Our Blended Cheeses

Our blended cheeses combine a variety of flavours designed to truly challenge your tastebuds. Look out for best sellers including Cheddar with Caramelised Onion – our own, hand made cheddar blended with a delicious sweet and tangy confit of caramelised onion or our traditional Christmas favourites such as Wensleydale & Cranberry and Cheddar with Port.

Truffler Cheddar

Introducing Truffler

Our latest gourmet development is ‘Truffler’ – Ford Farm Cheddar blended with prized black truffles (the fungus rather than the chocolate).

The aroma of the truffles infuses the cheddar to create a flavour that is so heady it will truly knock your socks off – truffle lovers you will not be disappointed! Truffler is already flying of the shelves in the USA and we’ve just listed it in our on-line shop. Click here to buy a piece while it’s in stock.