• Mike Pullin

    Mike Pullin is one of the Directors at Ford Farm as well as being our man in the US, spending around a third of his time each year travelling back and forth and working with our many American customers on both the East and West Coast.

  • Sian Whitlock

    Sian is the linchpin in the sales office and it’s down to her, with the support of her dedicated team, that all of our customers receive their orders, in the right quantities and on time! 

  • Martin Crabb

    Martin has worked for the business for more than thirty years and is now the Farm's Site Director. Martin works alongside Mike and, as a team, they have transformed Ford Farm into the most commercially successful traditional cheesemaking business in the country. 

  • Tom Elliott

    As the man who gets to taste the cheese and select suitable batches for our key customers, Tom has the best job in the world. He also selects and prepares cheeses for the major cheese competitions. Due to Tom’s finely tuned palate, we’ve won a plethora of trophies and medals over the years!

  • Julie & Martin Pittman

    Julie and Martin are two of our longest serving employees and they met and fell in love on site! Julie is a production operative Martin, who is a whizz on the fork lift, picks the cheese for packing and helps load and unload deliveries.

  • Simon O'Brien

    Simon heads up the sales and marketing for the whole of the Barber Group and is responsible for managing our key accounts as well as coming up with innovative presentation ideas for our cheese portfolio.

  • Robin Willsher

    Head honcho Martin Crabb’s second in command, Robin oversees everything to do with the entire process of cheesemaking – from when the milk comes in right through to the finished article. Nothing leaves the Farm without being subject to the scrutiny of Robin’s eagle eye!

  • Lukasz Wazny & Grzegorz Kluska

    Lukasz and Grzegorz are supervisors for Stores & Production. Lukasz is the vital link between planning & sales and oversees order picking & packing. Grzegorz works on our production lines, ensuring they run smoothly & efficiently.

  • Steve Reynolds

    Steve has worked in the Ford Farm dairy for over 8 years and it’s because of his expert cheese making skills, along with the rest of the dairy team, that our cheese is so consistently tasty. Making traditional cheddars is a fine art, and Steve has got it down to a tee.