The Ford Farm Christmas Cheeseboard.

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Make your cheeseboard stand out from the crowd this Christmas with these recommendations from West Country Farmhouse cheddar specialists at Ford Farm in Dorset:

Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar:
A traditional West Country Farmhouse cloth-bound PDO Cheddar, made by hand to a unique recipe at Ford Farm and then aged 200 feet underground in the Caves at Wookey Hole. This multi award winning cheddar takes on a unique earthy, nutty flavour which is a direct result of the cave’s natural atmosphere. You can now purchase a whole 1.8kg truckle which will really make a statement on the cheese board.
Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar truckles are available from and priced at £xx
Serve with a Cave Aged Goat’s Cheese:
Voted best British Cheese at the World Cheese Awards, Cave Aged Goat’s cheese is made from full fat goat’s milk. The cheese is made by hand at the Farm in Dorset and pressed into 27kg truckles which are cloth bound and then aged deep within the heart of the Caves. Cave Aged Goat’s Cheese has a similar texture to cheddar, a clean, mild, goat flavour. Note how the deep earthy, nutty flavours of the caves combine with delicious caramel top notes.
Cave Aged Goats Cheese is available from and is priced at £xx.
Serve with Dorset Crofter:
Dorset Crofter marks Ford Farm’s first foray into cheese made with sheep’s milk
Inspired by Manchego, Spain’s most popular and famous cheese, Dorset Crofter was recipient of a Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2016 – even before it was named!
Dorset Crofter is made from milk sourced from local herds. The making process performed almost entirely by hand and the cheese pressed into cylindrical moulds which are then bound in cheese cloth before being left to age for around six months.
Crofter has deliciously sweet, lingering taste which is smooth and mild, a distinctive butterscotch colour and a slightly crumbly texture.
Dorset Crofter available in 200g portion from
Best served with:

Celebrate with cheese:
Here at Ford Farm, we can also provide you with a layered cheese cake to add the wow factor to the Christmas table. We’ll supply the cheese, and you decorate it according to your festive style, with frosted fruit, nuts and greenery. All of our celebration cakes come in a beautiful wooden presentation box. We offer a choice of three standard cakes or why not give let us create a bespoke cake to your specific requirements?