Gooseberry-Pickled BBQ Pineapple & Coastal Cheddar ‘on sticks’

Prep Time:


Cook Time:

15 minutes


    • Pineapple 1 large
    • 250g Coastal Cheddar cut into bitesize cubes
    • 1 bottle 'From Dorset with Love' Gooseberry Vinegar


    1. Prepare the Pineapple the day before the canapés are needed, place the cubes in a bowl and cover with the FDWL Gooseberry Vinegar. Leave them in the fridge overnight to pickle and tenderize.
    2. Once ready to assemble, either sear the pineapple cubes in a smoking-hot pan, on a chargrill or BBQ or even with a blowtorch, cool them and then using cocktail sticks spear the cubes with the cheese and serve.