Eight awards for Ford Farm at International Cheese Awards

Ford Farm has achieved eight awards at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich – the most prestigious show for cheesemakers in the world.
Once again, Ford Farm’s recently-launched Cave Aged Goat Variety came up trumps, making the most significant impact on the palates of the discerning judges. This firm textured cheese which is similar in style to a cheddar but with a clean, goat flavour achieved a Gold in the retailer category with Tesco Finest Cave Aged Goat, as well a Silver in the goat’s cheese class.
The Farm’s best-selling Cave Aged Cheddar, a cow’s milk cheddar matured at Wookey Hole Caves as well as in a purpose built cave carved into the hillside on the Ashley Chase Estate in Dorset where Ford Farm is based, achieved four awards in total – three Silvers and one ‘Very Highly Commended’.
Martin Crabb, Head Cheesemaker at Ford Farm is delighted at the result. ‘The International Cheese Awards at Nantwich precede the long-standing Nantwich Show and have, for 120 years, hosted the biggest annual dairy event in the country. It’s a genuine networking opportunity for cheesemakers as well as very important from a business point of view. The show is attended by some of the most important decision makers in the trade and is a place where winning cheeses can sometimes even be listed on the spot.’
With 5,000 cheeses entered into the competition in a variety of classes, and 250 judges performing the challenging task of sniffing out the wheat from the chaff with their expert noses, we are delighted to have achieved so many accolades for our brands and it’s a real testament to our cheesemaking team at Ford Farm who, after forty years, are not only still doing it, but doing it better and better!’.
Ford Farm’s achievements at the International Cheese Awards, Nantwich
Cave Aged Cheddar, Silver
Cave Aged Cheddar – Very Highly Commended
Cave Aged Cheddar – Silver
Cave Aged Cheddar – Silver
Cave Aged Goat – Silver
Coastal – Bronze (Export)
Billies Goat – Very Highly Commended (Export)
Tesco Finest Cave Aged Goat – Gold