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Camilla creates Royal Jubilee Cheese Sculpture


A cheesemonger in Lyme Regis is helping a local student to achieve her dream of travelling around the world to develop her passion for art.
Justin Tunstall, the Town Mill Cheesemonger is employing art student Camilla Johnstone in a part time capacity and has also commissioned her to create a sculpture for the Royal Jubilee celebrations - out of a very large piece of cheese. The cheese, supplied by West Dorset based Ford Farm, will be sculpted by Camilla into the shape of a crown.  Camilla, aged 21 has lived her life through art. Though she now resides close to Lyme Regis, in Charmouth, she spent much of her childhood in Zimbabwe where she was heavily influenced by the country’s colourful and vibrant culture. She has won several competitions, including one sponsored by the Royal College of Art at the tender age of eight. She has also recently completed a foundation course at the prestigious Central St Martin’s college in London. Her aim is to raise enough money to fund a trip to India later this year to learn traditional block printing methods of fabric design.  Camilla is delighted to be presented with the challenge of working with cheese. ‘It’s a great opportunity to try something new and push myself in terms of dealing with a totally foreign sculpting material. It will also give me an edge with my portfolio. After all, who else is going to be able to boast a crown made out of cheese?’
The 27kg award-winning Ford Farm mature West Country farmhouse cheddar truckle is ready and waiting at the Town Mill Cheesemonger for the sculpting which will commence on Tuesday 29th May. In the interim, Camilla is busy practising her technique and working out the logistics with some cheese offcuts. ‘The real challenge is keeping the cheese cool.’ She comments. ‘I’ll have to work in short, intense bursts and keep cooling it down in a fridge, possibly every couple of hours, depending on the weather. Cracking will also be an issue. I’ll keep an olive oil spray with me at all times to spray the sculpture to keep it moist.' Camilla is going to put the finishing touches to the sculpture in the full public gaze in the courtyard outside the Town Mill Cheesemonger on Friday 1st June. Lyme Regis' Town Crier, Alan Vian will be crying news of the crown's completion and draw the public to the spectacle. 'That's my idea of Social Media!' , said the Cheesemonger 'But we'll also be providing progress updates via our Twitter account: @millcheese'. The Crown will then be displayed in the Town Mill Cheesemonger for the Jubilee weekend.

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